Housekeeping Aprons

Is your Housekeeping or Facility Management in need of modern, professional Bib Aprons, customized to fit your team’s unique style?

Comfort Uniforms has your team “covered” with our durable, comfortable, and highly versatile Bib Aprons. Our aprons come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors to fit the look and tone of your brand, atmosphere, and desired aesthetic. Give your hard-working team members more than just a simple uniform, give them a statement-making Housekeeping Apron dedicated to form, function, and fashion.

The Comfort Uniforms  Housekeeping Apron was designed for those who want a little more muscle in their service. We had Housekeepers in mind when we designed this apron to be longer and wider so you get maximum protection to take on tough tasks.

Our Housekeeping Aprons provide all the elements of traditional aprons, including an fixed neck loop and waist ties that offer both comfort and flexibility, but we have also taken the design up a notch to offer superior versatility. Do you need roomy pocket to carry utensils and other small, essential items? How about full body coverage to the knees, and protection from spills, dust, and greasy stains? Our Bib Aprons provide all of these benefits to your team members, and all in a lightweight, comfortable style.

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